5 Excel Formulas Every Finance Professional Should Know

The Importance of Excel in Finance As a finance professional, you already know that Excel is an essential tool in your day-to-day work. It’s a powerful software that allows for efficient data manipulation, analysis, and reporting. The true magic of Excel lies in its formulas, which can help you automate tasks, gain insights, and make … Read more

How to use MAXIFS in Excel

MAXIFS is a function in Excel that allows you to find the maximum value in a range that meets specific criteria. It’s an extremely useful function when dealing with large sets of data, as it allows you to quickly and easily identify the highest value that meets certain conditions. This is similar to MINIFS which … Read more

How to use MINIFS in Excel

You’ll likely be familiar with the MIN function for taking the value of a range: MIN(A1:A5) will return the minimum value in cells A1:A5.  If you need to take a conditional minimum, which applies to only some of the values in that range, without splitting your data up, then the Excel MINIFS function is what … Read more