Colour Cell Borders in Excel

This is quite a simple tutorial, but it can help to make your Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 spreadsheets more attractive if used sparingly. We’ll show you the steps to colour the borders around a cell.

First, select the cell you want to colour:

Select the cell

Right click then choose “Format cells” (or use shortcut CTRL+1):

Choose format cells

Select the border tab, then in the “colour” menu, choose the desired colour.

Colour menu

Now press the “outline” button to create a border around the outside of the selected cell (or on just some edges of it).


Press OK then marvel at the colours. Play around with setting the colours for the cell and those and the border until you get the combination you want.

Cell with coloured borders

You can vary the colour or style for individual edges of cells by following the steps above but just choose to colour a particular edge.



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